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OPTIONS REAL ESTATE & DEVELOPMENT creates long-term business relationships with customers and clients through exceptional customer service. We promise quality service by finding out what people want and helping them get it. 
James Travis Busby

James Travis Busby 


A Denver native and Park Hill resident, Mr. Busby has had a long time passion for neighborhood redevelopment. He was involved in the redevelopment of Downtown and Lower Downtown Denver as well as many underdeveloped neighborhoods. He was a Mayoral appointee to the 1986 Downtown Steering Committee, which planned the redevelopment of downtown Denver.

Mr. Busby was featured in the Denver Rocky Mountain News Article "The Miracle on 34th Street" in 1983 for his inner-city redevelopment efforts. He was written up in the Denver Rocky Mountain News "People to Watch" in 1984 and was identified in the 1994 National Black Leadership Profiles as one of "Who's Who Among America's Outstanding Leaders" and National Register's Who's Who in Executives & Professionals.

He has a Masters Degree in Planning and Community Development and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado. Mr. Busby is a real estate broker who has been involved with many aspects of real estate for over 30 years. He is also a Certified Information Technology Professional.

Mr. Busby is a private pilot, loves to sail, travel, dance tango and eat. He is the proud father of two boys.

Susan J. Foley

Susan J. Foley 

Associate Broker

Ms. Foley, has a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning and over 20 years experience working in neighborhoods on a wide variety of revitalization projects. She has worked extensively with a diversity of individuals, communities, and businesses on complex and interesting planning projects.

Ms. Foley enjoys the real estate business and working with individuals and families.  She has also managed  numerous real estate projects over the past decade for investors, including property management. Ms.

Foley is skilled in real estate research, having knowledge about cities, neighborhoods, how they function and how to find out about proposed plans for change or improvements in a neighborhood. Ms. Foley can easily assist clients in making just the right move. The combination of Ms. Foley's  education, expertise and enthusiasm make her an ideal candidate to assist any real estate needs!



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